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Love Archives -

Love Archives -

Andrea Huswan


2018/03/12 at 5:00am

Love, Simon (Movie Review)

The 2-8-0: #LoveSimon is the coming-of-age movie we desperately needed. It’s a movie for all ages that is about love and understanding that everyone deserves to love and to be loved. Everyone deserves a great love story and Simon Spier shares his with the world. Read More

Mariana Dussan


2014/06/09 at 11:06am

TV Review: Starz’s ‘Power’

The “1-4-0″: Sexy, passionate and dangerous has never looked so diverse, this is Starz’s new series “Power.” Read More

Jack Rico


2014/01/07 at 2:25pm

All The Best Netflix Streaming Movies To Watch Right Now!

 *Updated: October, 2017

How many times have you decided to stay at home and watch a movie with your other half, your buddies or even some acquaintances and have had no clue of what to pick? There are so many films to choose from that the selection process can become overwhelming. If you are not an avid movie watcher and you pick a favorite go-to of yours, you run the risk of the #epicfail choice and they’ll never trust your judgement again. This is why I am going to be your best friend in this cinematic adventure by giving you the Best Netflix Streaming Movies To Watch Right Now. I have taken the onerous task to go through as many films as my eyes could withstand to narrow down these selections by genre and perfect for any mood.  Read More

Karen Posada


2012/04/23 at 12:00am

‘Think Like a Man’ takes the #1 spot at the box office!

'Think Like a Man' takes the #1 spot at the box office!

We begin the week with an incredible surprise! ‘Think Like a Man’ premiered in the number one spot, finally taking ‘The Hunger Games’ out of the spot it occupied for four consecutive weeks. This comedy not only makes you die laughing, but it has done the impossible taking the first place with $33 million dollars.

‘The Lucky One’ took second place in the box office with $22.8 million dollars. This romantic movie with Zac Effron is not very entertaining, but it seems like the public decided that it was time to change the look of the box office.

‘The Hunger Games’ took third place with $14.5 million dollars. Although it still holds a prestigious place, the hard fall is surprising from first to third place. It was thought that only ‘The Avengers’ was going to be able to take its place.


The Top 10 Movies in the Box Office are:

1.Think Like a Man – $33 mil

2. The Lucky One – $22.8 mil

3. The Hunger Games – $14.5 mil

4. Chimpanzee – $10.2 mil

5. The Three Stooges – $9.2 mil

6. The Cabin in the Woods – $7.8 mil

7. American Reunion – $5.2 mil

8. Titanic 3D – $5 mil

9. 21 Jump Street – $4.6 mil

10. Mirror, Mirror – $4.1 mil


Namreta Kumar


2010/08/13 at 12:00am

Eat, Pray, Love

Eat, Pray, Love

Although Eat Pray Love promises a heartwarming journey, it unfortunately does not reach deep enough.

‘Eat Pray Love’ is transcribed from the memoirs of Elizabeth Gilbert. It is Liz’s three-part search for an “enriched” self. The first leg of her journey takes place in Italy, where she learns the value of living without a roadmap to life. The second part of her journey takes place in India, where she has to challenge everything from within. And the last stage of her journey, in Bali, forces her to practice these principles indistinct of one another.

Ryan Murphy does an excellent job integrating Liz’s, played by Julia Roberts, old life into the search for her new life. The transitions of the film and Liz’s life are what make an impression. They may either remind you of a place you have been or help you envision a place you might want to be. The art and cinematography of the film transport you to an authentic and very distinct memory, however the screenplay and film do not complete the emotional journey.

Eat Pray Love was much more than a novel or biography, for the people who have read the book, it is an emotional experience –  unfortunately the film does not make the cut. What makes this impossible journey so possible are the words and life of the heart, but the screenwriting alters and hangs on too many words and clichés that in turn do not move the audience.

Gilbert’s journey requires a patience, lost in translation to film. In fact the film feels lengthy at moments instead of carefully drawn out or experienced. Julia Roberts brings a placid Liz to screen, who only becomes animated in light of her supporting cast and not the narration. Javier Bardem, much like his character, breathes life into the final leg of the film. It is in Bali that the pieces of the film fall into place, but it still does not leave the same mark the novel has.

Eat Pray Love leaves an impression but doesn’t make an impact. The emotional levels of the novel do not become the art of this film and there it loses it’s heart.

Jack Rico


2010/08/09 at 12:00am

My chat with a ‘Pretty Woman’: Julia Roberts

My chat with a 'Pretty Woman': Julia Roberts

When you have a smile like that then you must be none other than Julia Roberts. I sat down with the EAT PRAY LOVE star to talk amongst many things, porn, yes porn, and what she thinks happiness really is.

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