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Lullaby Archives -

Lullaby Archives -

Jack Rico


2014/06/09 at 2:22pm

This Week In Movies: ’22 Jump Street,’ ‘The Rover,’ ‘The Signal’

During the beginning of the 2014 World Cup week, 13 new film releases will be competing for your eyeballs and money this week and they look pretty darn good, particularly the art house set. Full of some big names from television and film, some of the most compelling pieces are Lullaby from director Andrew Levitas which brings a plethora of Academy Award nominees to the table. You also have The Rover which sees an interesting casting between Guy Pierce and Robert Pattinson. The documentaries are perhaps the most intriguing tackling contemporary topics from high-cost education and marijuana. Also, two Spanish-language films look to make you laugh and cry, one of them being Alex de la Iglesias‘ new horror comedy. How will Aaron Paul do in his latest and can indie sci-fi The Signal really become a cult classic? In regards to the wide releases, let’s see how 22 Jump Street does with the public. I saw it and it wasn’t a pretty site until the end montage.
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