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Karen Posada


2012/03/03 at 12:00am

Project X

Project X

Think of the wildest party you’ve ever been to and imagine it 10x wilder, that’s ‘Project X’. If you’ve seen the trailer and expect anything more from the movie then you will be disappointed but if you are up for having mindless fun then this is it. Most of the dialogue in the movie comes in the form of vulgar jokes about sex, which is fair seeing we are dealing with horny teens. What keeps you entertained is the shocking funny moments that top each other and the music blasting from the screen.


The whole movie is done in “found footage” style and focuses on throwing a 17th birthday party for Thomas (Thomas Mann) that he will never forget while his parents are out of town. Thomas is the mature mind of the group but he’s not strong enough to stick to what he thinks is right, especially with the influence of his friends and hot girls. His best friend, Costa (Oliver Cooper) is the mastermind behind it all. His whole party plan is inviting as many girls as he can to ensure the boys will have sex and will also become popular. JB (Jonathan Daniel Brown) is the passive friend that shyly follows along and slowly comes out of his shell. Their cameraman, Dax (Dax Flame) is this creepy guy they invite along their journey and becomes their silent partner. Thanks to these four teens Pasadena, California will have a night it will never forget.


There’s not much to say about the acting, it’s not hard to put a bunch of people together to act like they are having fun in the craziest party of their life. Instead the ideas of director, Nima Nourizadeh are what makes the movie, his simple premise – a teen party that spirals out of control was enough to bring upon this insane movie. The “found footage” technique with the handheld cameras was a brilliant idea, although dizzying at times it brings the audience inside the party.


I have to admit some of the language and scenes are disturbing and offensive at times, but with the fast pace of the film you will be disgusted one second then laughing the next. This film is a semi-tamed version of ‘The Hangover’, no wonder since producer Todd Phillips is involved. I would warn parents that this is a bad influence on kids seeing how carelessly these teens drink, have sex and use drugs; it will probably make parents paranoid. But perhaps instead we can all just live vicariously through this movie for a short night. One thing is for sure; this movie makes a police riot and being chased by a drug dealer look like a lot of fun. It certainly put me in the mood to go running to the next house party I’m invited to.

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