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Max Landis Archives -

Karen Posada


2012/02/04 at 12:00am



Chronicle’ makes great use of the “found footage” technique many movies have used such as ‘Cloverfield’ did, this makes the public feel like part of this crazy journey. So, there’s mainly just a handheld camera that’s used, but the use of security cameras as well give it a nice twist. This isn’t just a movie about super powers, but also about friendship and self-growth. We see what power does to people and how easily the lines between right and wrong are crossed when there’s nothing to stop you. Despite of the fact that this is an action/Sci-fi film, there’s a genuineness to it that makes aspects of the film, such as having superpowers almost seem possible.


Our main cameraman is Andrew (Dane Dehaan), a senior in high school who’s basically an outcast, there’s bullies coming at him not only in school, but also in the streets and even at home. For whatever reason he decides to start documenting his life and the camera becomes witness to everything he goes through. His only friend is Matt (Alex Russell) who has his own quirkiness but yet the aura of a cool guy. Unexpectedly, Steve (Michael B. Jordan) one of the most popular guys in school enters the picture and the three of them find a suspicious cave that not only gives them superpowers but also forms a strong bond between them. Their friendship starts growing as they explore their newly given powers, which for some of them are too much to take to the point that all their lives spin out of control.


Dehaan is for sure the biggest asset to the movie, not only because he’s the main character, but also because he’s able to go through every single emotion throughout the film naturally. One of the things the film does best is combine a mundane life like the one of Andrew, with a special event without loosing grip on reality, although it manages to lose this element a bit towards the end. The fact that the audience is able to go through most of the journey step by step with them makes it more believable.     


Chronicle’ is a spin on superhero movies, this is more like: what would an everyday person do if they suddenly had superpowers? Throughout the film you are waiting for something to happen, seeing the boys play around with their telekinetic powers is interesting but it starts dragging and when the big boom happens it scales too quickly and makes it a little too over the top. The ending doesn’t leave much to be desired, it’s like we experienced a car crash and then we are expected to go home like nothing happened. Perhaps this is the way of putting the audience back on the ground and reminding us that after all it was just a film.

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