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Partysaurus Rex Archives -

Partysaurus Rex Archives -

Karen Posada


2012/08/22 at 12:00am

First review of Pixar’s short "Partysaurus Rex’

First review of Pixar's short "Partysaurus Rex'

We had the opportunity to be the first to see Pixar’s short- 3D film ‘Partysaurus Rex’ which will premiere in theaters along with ‘Finding Nemo 3D’ on September 14th. What’s even better is that we got to see it at Pixar Studios in San Francisco, California where gigantic Lego statues of ‘Toy Story’ characters stood along with other statues from ‘Monsters Inc.’ and other cool things like the drape from ‘Brave’ among others and of course their trademark desk lamp and circus ball. We were taken to their own in house movie theater, where we had a short presentation by the director of the film Mark Walsh and producer Kim Adams. The constellations shone brightly in the movie theater’s ceiling before the red velvet curtain opened to reveal the screen.

‘Partysaurus Rex’ brings to life one of the most memorable characters from ‘Toy Story’, Rex (Wallace Shawn). We get to spend some time with another one of Pixar’s most famous movies and its characters: Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Mr. Potato head, etc, but most of all Rex; who shows us another side of him where we get to meet a bunch of new, fun and wild bath time toys. Rex has always been portrayed as a nervous dinosaur, which is very cautious, but here Bonnie, his owner, takes him to her bath time where he gets to re-invent himself.

Pixar has done quite a lot of short-films; the latest one premiered with ‘Brave’ and was called ‘La Luna’ which was also made in 3D. I must highlight these are two very different short-films. ‘La Luna’ has a melancholic and soft tone to it, its characters mainly mumble and point. Pixar has a knack for being in tune with everything, and as ‘La Luna’ worked with ‘Brave’ and its theme so does ‘Partysaurus Rex’ with Nemo. This latest short-film is a rave party, that’s quite the opposite of ‘La Luna’ as it is loud, extravagant and extremely colorful.

This isn’t the first Pixar short-film on ‘Toy Story’ either, Pixar has a series of shorts called Toy Story Toons and this is actually the third episode in the series; the other shorts are: ‘Small Fry’ which was released in 2011 with ‘The Muppets’ when it was in theaters and made Buzz its main character. Another short was ‘Hawaiian Vacation’ which featured Ken and Barbie and was released in 2011 when ‘Cars 2’ hit theaters.
‘Partysaurus Rex’ left me wishing it were a full-length movie, because it was so much fun! It has upbeat music and wonderful animation accompanied by florescent colors. All of these elements are brought to an even higher level because of the 3D effects, which really takes full use of them. This short is a great way to get the audience in a water environment, ready and excited to watch ‘Finding Nemo 3D’.

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