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Role Models Archives -

Role Models Archives -

Mike Pierce


2008/11/08 at 12:00am

Role Models

Rated: R for crude and sexual content, strong language and nudity.
Release Date: 2008-11-07
Starring: Paul Rudd, David Wain
Film Genre:
Country: USA
Official Website:

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Role Models

The dynamic duo is back! Sean William Scott and Paul Rudd are tag teaming it on the big screen in the hilarious movie, Role Models.

Let me tell you people…I haven’t laughed that hard in a longgggg time. I’m telling the truth…you laugh from the beginning to the end! NO LIE.

It’s basically about two guys who work for a energy drink company…Paul Rudd who plays, Danny…well, his girlfriend breaks up with him…totally crushed…he decides to go off during a high school speech…after being kicked out…their Minotaur truck gets towed…a huge fight breaks out…and their arrested.
Instead of doing jail time…they are told they have to do 150 hours of community service at Sturdy Wings. (like a Big Brother’s Program) They have become mentors.
Danny gets a kid named Augie…who’s into REAL FANTASY roll playing. (Watch the trailer)…Wheeler is mentoring, Ronnie…this little black kid…who is funny as hell. You have to see it for yourself.
This is a great Rated R movie…cussin, boobies, fighting, biting, screaming, drinking…a good ass movie. I’m actually going to see it again.

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