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Comics of Asian Descent Put Themselves Onstage via @NYTimes

spy thriller Archives -

spy thriller Archives -

Adam Garcia


2015/10/09 at 7:39am

Bridge Of Spies (Movie Review)

The 1-4-0: With #BridgeOfSpies, Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks return to form with a Cold War spy drama that reminds audiences of true American ideals. Read More

Jack Rico


2010/09/06 at 12:00am

‘The American’ is #1 at the box office!

'The American' is #1 at the box office!

What!? George Clooney’s ‘The American’ beat out Robert Rodriguez’s ‘Machete‘? Anyone who has seen those two films can discern which one was the most entertaining of the two and the winner should have been ‘Machete’. What were people thinking?

The spy thriller “The American” is #1 at the box office this morning taking in $12.3 million dollars in US and Canadian theaters this weekend.

Coming in #2 is ‘Taker’s earning $11.5 million dollars and ‘Machete’ brought in $11.3 million dollars. Welp, I guess there goes the sequels for next year.

Here are the rest of the top 10 films at the box office:

1 The American – $13.0 million

2 Takers – $11.5 million

3 Machete – $11.3 million

4 The Last Exorcism – $7.6 million

5 Going the Distance – $6.9 million

6 The Expendables – $6.8 million

7 The Other Guys – $5.4 million

8 Eat Pray Love – $4.9 million

9 Inception – $4.5 million

10 Nanny McPhee Returns – $3.6 million

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