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SUNDAY PODCAST: My guest this week is Mexican director #AlonsoRuizpalacios, who's new art-heist movie @museothefilm…

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Jack Rico


2017/01/18 at 10:57am

Episode 17 – Trump vs. The Media: It’s War!, Obama Post-Presidency, Most Anticipated Movies/TV Shows 2017

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In our 17th episode, we tackle the lunacy of what was the Donald Trump news conference this week with The Atlantic’s David Graham. From Trump’s harsh comments of CNN and Buzzfeed, what will be the future of these media organizations in the next 4 years? We also discuss Barack Obama’s Farewell Speech with’s Chauncey DeVega and his article “Farewell, my black president”. He was there at the event and we’ll discuss if history will vindicate Obama’s legacy, will Donald Trump destroy it or will Obama stay politically active and defend it? And what are the most anticipated movies and tv shows of 2017? I’ll share with you the list on announced on the TODAY show. Read More

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