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vallenato Archives -

vallenato Archives -

Jack Rico


2018/07/30 at 8:38am

‘Chabuco:’ A Colombian Innovating Vallenato Music with Latin Jazz

Colombia is a country known for its salsa and vallenato. Vallenato is the folkloric, poetic music of its coast which its singer/songwriter Jose Dario Martinez Acosta, aka Chabuco, has been listening to since he was a child due to his father’s influence, the legendary guitarist Hugues Martinez. With his fourth solo album titled Encuentro, he mixes the sounds of vallenato from the Caribbean coast of Colombia, with jazz and bossa nova, resulting in a beautiful and unique sound of Latin Jazz.

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Mariana Dussan


2013/12/24 at 5:33pm

Why You Should Know Who Diomedes Díaz Was – 5 Of His Best Vallenatos To Get You Started

Through Facebook I was informed that El Cacique de la Junta better known as Diomedes Díaz, one of Colombia’s biggest names in music, passed away Sunday Dec. 22 at the age of 56. He was the Frank Sinatra of the vallenato music genre (the native folklore music of Colombia). As a Colombian and fan of his music I was saddened, and thought this news only pertained to my fellow Colombians, I was wrong. Read More

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