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writer Archives -

Jack Rico


2015/07/22 at 1:11pm

Gabriel García Márquez Documentary Coming To A Theater Near You

Colombian Nobel Prize for Literature winner and Best-Selling Latin American writer, Gabriel García Márquez, will have a new documentary titled, Gabo: The Creation of Gabriel García Márquez, coming to a theater near you soon.  Read More

Mariana Dussan


2014/04/23 at 3:38pm

Gabriel García Márquez: The Actor, Screenwriter And Film Critic: 7 Magical Realism Films To Honor The Great Colombian Novelist

According to, Gabriel García Márquez, one of the greatest literary minds of the 20th century, passed away last week at his home in Mexico City. He was 87. The late 1982 winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature was known all over the world for his magical realism style and successful novels, but the author also enjoyed many more passions, and one of the biggest was film. Read More

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