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12 Rounds

Rating: 3.0

Rated: PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action.
Release Date: 2009-03-27
Starring: Daniel Kunka
Film Genre:
Official Website:

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‘12 Rounds’ is a surprisingly fun movie. I would actually say it is a great ‘B’ movie that many will enjoy. It possesses action from beginning to end and an interesting and plausible plot line that will keep your ADD at bay.


The story centers on a New Orleans police detective (John Cena) whose girlfriend (Ashley Scott) is kidnapped. He must play a sinister game lasting 12 rounds with a vicious and heartless killer (Aidan Gillen) to save the love of his life.

The wrestling organization, WWE, has been in the movie making business for some time now creating film vehicles for its top stars such as Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Roddy Piper and Steve Austin, all with the intention of creating extra financial revenue and branching their brand to non-wrestling masses. Cena’s ‘12 Rounds’ is perhaps the best of their cinematic efforts. For years, these films featuring wrestling stars, have been mocked for their facially exaggerated acting and asinine dialogue. But things are changing for the better. ‘The Rock’ achieved #1 status with 2007’s The Game Plan and most recently again with Race to Witch Mountain. From the looks of it, people are warming up to them and ‘12 Rounds’ could very well be in the top 3 in this week’s box office. This film, unlike the previous WWE Studios projects, offers a legitimate movie that can crossover to mainstream audiences with Cena providing a toned down dramatic demeanor as opposed to his flamboyant and hip hop persona on Monday Night Raw.

I must admit though, it will be a tough sell for audiences that are not wrestling fans simply because of the unknown cast, but to its credit, the movie moves at a fast pace with many twists and turns accompanied by explosions, car chases and gun fights. Few action movies do that anymore. Alas, the acting is not up to par, but it is not by any means blinding. Cena is decent and not over the top and his co-star assassin is suave and dynamic. If you are looking to escape in a movie that offers plausible, non-stop action, this is definitely worth checking out.

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