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‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ punches its way to #1!

'A Good Day to Die Hard' punches its way to #1!

Most of the movies in the box office this week came out Valentine’s day, which means they’ve had four days to get some numbers in and ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ ended up at number one with $25 million dollars. The new John McClane and son film received terrible reviews, but its faithful followers still made sure to give it a chance, its total for the four days is $33.2 million dollars. The movie has had a lot of international support, which might help its weak beginning.

Last week’s number one ‘Identity Thief’ fell to number two with $23.4 million dollars, making it a success. The film surprised everyone taking over the box office last week, the comedy has now earned way past its production cost making it an unexpected winner.

The biggest Valentine’s Day release was ‘ Safe Haven’ which ended up at number three with $21.4 million dollars and a total of $30.7, trailing just behind the number one’s totals. This is Julianne Hough’s best opening; despite of the many tries she’s had.

The Top 10 in the Box Office are:

1. A Good Day to Die Hard – $25 mil

2. Identity Thief – $23.4 mil

3. Safe Haven – $21.4 mil

4. Escape From Planet Earth – $16.1 mil

5. Warm Bodies – $9 mil

6. Beautiful Creatures – $7.5 mil

7. Side Effects – $6.3 mil

8. Silver Linings Playbook – $6.1 mil

9. Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters – $3.5 mil

10. Zero Dark Thirty – $3.1 mil

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