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Rated: PG for some mild action and peril.
Release Date: 2008-11-21
Starring: Chris Sanders
Film Genre:
Country: USA
Official Website:

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What a breath of fresh air…I had to redeem myself from Twilight people! (lol) Walt Disney has done it again with the adorable America White Shepherd, Bolt.
This movie has a great meaning – for the entire family. “If you put your mind to it – you can do anything!” It’s about a dog named Bolt (voice by John Travolta) and his “person”, Penny (voice by Miley Cyrus) who star in an action hit TV show. Now when the show ends – Penny goes home…but, Bolt…doesn’t. He doesn’t get to be a REAL dog…get this (lol) – the director keeps him locked in his trailer…that way – Bolt STAYS in character, which is better for the show. Are you following me? (lol) Good.
One day – Penny is kidnapped by the evil Dr. Calico. (in the TV show) As soon as they end the scene – Bolt is immediately taken to his trailer – STILL thinking Dr. Calico has Penny. Well, it’s time for action – the first chance he gets – he escapes the Hollywood studio lot…only to fall in a box and is shipped to New York City. (Yeah, poor Bolt)
While there in the Big Apple, he meets Mittens…a cat…who he thinks knows where Penny is. (KEEP IN MIND, BOLT THINKS HE IS LIVING THE TV SHOW) They decide to make a road trip BACK to L.A. – along the way – they meet a cool little kick butt hamster. (You gotta see him)
It’s a great family movie – you laugh and you even cry…yes, I DID tear up. Go see this movie people – – it’s a great and the kids will dig it.

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