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Brad Pitt: His 5 Worst Movies Ever

Brad Pitt hasn’t always been a solid actor. He’s had some doozies along the way, and in this article, we list the five worst of what can be deemed a successful career. 

5. The Mexican (2001)

Plot: For his last job Jerry Welbach (Brad Pitt), a low-level Mafia “mechanic,” has to transport a rare and valuable ancient pistol named The Mexican across the border. But if he does this job his girlfriend Samantha (Julie Roberts) threatens to leave him.

Why it’s so bad: One of the biggest complaints about this film is that it promises a lot but it leads to dead ends. The audience was surely left longing for more romance or at least more interaction from Jerry and Samantha who spent most of the film in two separate places. The end also betrays the initial tone of the film turning comedy into pure unexpected violence. This is definitely not Pitt’s worst film, but it definitely doesn’t come close to reaching one of his best.

4. Meet Joe Black (1998)

Plot: William Parrish (Anthony Hopkins) is a wealthy who suffers a heart attack on his 65th birthday. The angel of death (Brad Pitt) pays William a visit, but in the form of a recently deceased man, Joe Black. Refusing to die just yet William strikes a deal with death in which he gets more time to live while Joe gets to experience the life of a human. Soon enough Joe falls in love with William’s daughter.

Why it’s so bad: The film is unnecessarily long and moves at such a glacial pace that it seems uneventful because you have to wait so long for anything to happen. The only thing that saves it is Anthony Hopkins’ natural and intelligent approach to his character. Pitt’s acting in this film comes off forced and too self-aware.This is a good film to watch to pass the time, but nothing more.

3. Johnny Suede (1991)

Plot: Johnny Suede has everything he needs to be the next rock star, the attitude, the pompadour, and the guitar, but he is missing a pair of suede shoes. After they miraculously fall from the sky he meets two women, one which teaches him that there is more to a person than their shoes.

Why it’s so bad: This movie brings a lot of promise, but it really ends up being a total snooze fest. Pitt’s performance of the wannabe rock star is weak, but his dramatic hair at least helps to bring some life into the film.

2. The Devil’s Own (1997)

Plot: Tom O’Meara (Harrison Ford), a conscientiously honest cop, offers his home to Frankie McGuire (Brad Pitt), a young man he thinks is running away from the violence in Ireland, but is actually an Irish Republican Army terrorist determined to avenge his father death.

Why it’s so bad: In this thriller Pitt’s bad Irish accent sets the tone for the film. The film looks to please everyone by making Frankie McGuire, the villain in the story, such a likable and lovable character that even Tom O’Meara wants to go out of his way to save him. In this way the story also manages to suck the life of the suspense genre leaving the audience with a soulless carcass. Some critics and audience members added that the film has a lack of historical sense leaving American audiences as unaware of the conflict in Northern Ireland as they were in the beginning.

1. Cool World (1992)

Plot: When a cartoon world and reality mix everything goes awry. Hollie Would, a comic book vamp from “Cool World,” is looking to cross over into the real world and manages to seduce her cartoonist in order to achieve it. It is up to Detective Frank Harris (Brad Pitt) – a WWII veteran that was accidentally transported into the cartoon, but is now in keeping watch over the town – to stop the madness.

Why it’s so bad: This is probably one of Pitt’s worst films. It has a 3% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (something I have yet to see) and many critics claimed that the film was unsuccessful. The mix of animation with live action was unconvincing and suffered from lack of detail. The characters were badly drawn and  their interactions with the real life figures were mismatched many times . Furthermore, the constant intercutting of scenes made the story senseless.

So what do you think of Brad Pitt’s worst movies? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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