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‘Chronicle’ fights hard for the #1 spot

'Chronicle' fights hard for the #1 spot

Surprisingly ‘Chronicle’ and ‘The Woman in Black’ went head to head for the number one spot and weren’t that far off from one another. But the sci-fi thriller about 3 young men that unexpectedly get superpowers, ‘Chronicle’ placed itself there with $22 million dollars.

The Woman in Black’ a movie of a whole other genre, horror, came second with $21 million. Daniel Radcliffe has a strong following which might help keep it on the top three long enough to make up for the $14million spent in advertising alone.

‘The Grey’, Liam Nesson’s action film dropped to the third spot with $9.5 million dollars. The family film ‘Big Miracle’ and the horror action film ‘Underworld Awakening’ follow it.


The Top 10 in the Box Office are:

1. Chronicle – $22 million dollars

2. The Woman in Black -$21 million

3. The Grey -$9.5 million

4. Big Miracle -$8.5 million

5. Underworld Awakening -$5.6 million

6. One for the Money -$5.2 million

7. Red Tails -$5 million

8. The Descendants -$4.6 million

9. Man on a Ledge -$4.5 million

10. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close -$3.9 million 


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