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Edgar Ramírez encarnará Simón Bolívar en ‘Libertador’

Edgar Ramírez encarnará Simón Bolívar en 'Libertador'

Venezuelan director Alberto Arvelo Mendoza has announced the cast for his biographical film about Simon Bolivar, titled ‘Libertador’ by scriptwriter Timothy Sexton who wrote ‘Children of Men’. Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez who’s played noticeable roles in ‘Wrath of the Titans’ and ‘ The Bourne Ultimatum’ will be the liberator, in this movie about the work Bolivar did to unite the nations of South America. During his lifetime (1783-1830), Bolivar fought for the independence of Latin America from the Spanish Empire and carried out military campaigns that extended in a territory far greater than that of Alexander the Great. The rest of the cast are: Spanish actress Maria Valverde, Danny Huston who worked with Ramirez in ‘Wrath of the Titants’ and has been in ‘Children of Men’ among others, Imanol Ariasm and Gary Lewis.

This is an ambicious project in which the director wants to concentrate in how Bolivar really was beyond of what history says about him. Since he’s considered as one of the most influential emancipators and politicians in the history of America. Producer Winnifred Hammacher said that without a doubt this team will be able to make ‘Libertador’, which is a story told from Bolivar’s perspective, into the ‘Braveheart’ of South America.

The production of the film which is mainly in Spanish with a little bit of English and French, has taken place in Venezuela and for the second half has moved to Spain. Venezuelan conductor Gustavo Dudamel’s very own Los Angeles Philharmonic will make music for the movies for the first time in this one.

‘LIBERTADOR’ will open in 2013

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