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Edgar Ramirez will star in ‘Corpus Christi’

03.12.2012 | By |

Edgar Ramirez will star in 'Corpus Christi'

You’ve seen him, but maybe don’t remember him. The Venezuelan born actor Edgar Ramirez has appeared in many Hollywood films, including ‘Carlos,’ ‘Domino,’ ‘Bourne Ultimatum,’ ‘Che: Part One’ and ‘Vantage Point,’ and is now preparing to star in the new film – ‘Corpus Christi’ – from ‘Donnie Darko’ director Richard Kelly.

His talent is unquestionable and fits right into the fray with the Hollywood heavies. Ramirez will play a veteran of the Iraq War with a serious condition where he suffers from post-traumatic stress. His character makes friends with a dangerous rich owner of a supermarket in Texas who has political ambitions.

Eli Roth and Robert Rodriguez are producing the film, which eventually will be shot in Austin this summer. Kelly on his end, has had two recent flops: ‘Southland Tales’ and ‘The Box‘. In its defense, The Box was an ambitious film with one of the most memorable and entertaining premises I’ve seen, except for the collapse of the third act. Overall, it feels like a Kubrick film.

Ramirez is also ready to play Ares in ‘Wrath of the Titans’ and the new movie from director Kathryn Bigelow about Osama Bin Laden.

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