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Sneak listen at our new #HighlyRelevant podcast episode 🎧🎧 🎧:

‘Highly Relevant Podcast’ Ep. 11- The Impact Of A Donald Trump Presidency

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Welcome everyone to the 11th episode of the Highly Relevant podcast. It’s a new day, a new United State of America and happy pop culture escapism is taking a back seat on this episode as I want to use this forum to talk about the reality of a Trump Presidency. People are upset. Half of America is protesting in the streets across the nation and there’s this feeling of hopeless that has seeped into half of the country. The only way to get passed this is by opening the right channels of conversation, by asking direct, but honest questions that you won’t hear from particular news networks. Think of this platform as an alternative voice to legacy media, a place where YOUR voice does matter, especially right now.

In today’s episode we are speaking to an wide array of people such as Glenn Albright (11:26) a clinical psychologist about the malaise that many people are feeling at this moment. What is it and how do we recover from it? I also chat with reporter Alex Emmons (21:30) from the news website The Intercept about his article THE NIGHTMARE PRESIDENT – how bad does he think America will be under Trump? I then chat with Debbye Turner Bell (28:10), an African-American journalist and mother about her view of the media right now and what she’s telling her children of this new future. And finally, I interview Jessica Reyes, a Latina Trump Supporter (2:38), whose answers will make you rethink about the “so-called unity” of Latinos in the United States today.

Episode Summary:

  • Jessica Reyes, a Latina Trump Supporter 2:38
  • Glenn Albright, Psychologist 11:26
  • Alex Emmons, The Intercept 21:30
  • Journalist Debbye Turner Bell: 28:10

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