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‘Identity Thief’ returns to #1!

'Identity Thief' returns to #1!

Identity Thief’ jumps back up to number one on its third week in the box office, with $14.1 million dollars. The movie just keeps on surprising since its opening day, Universal Pictures sure must be pleased as the film’s total is $93.7 million dollars so far.

Dwayne Johnson’s Latino packed movie ‘Snitch’ sadly only reached the second spot with $13 million dollars. Perhaps word of mouth will help the film, it received great reviews, which should have helped adding on the main protagonist, and action packed film. We’ll wait to see if it rises next week.

The animated film ‘Escape From Planet Earth’ rose to number three on its second week with $11 million dollars. The public seems to disagree with most critics, but also the fact that it’s the only animated film out now helps it tremendously.

The Top 10 in the Box Office are:

1. Identity Thief – $14.1 mil

2. Snitch – $13 mil

3. Escape From Planet Earth – $11 mil

4. Safe Haven – $10.6 mil

5. A Good Day to Die Hard – $10 mil

6. Dark Skies – $8.8 mil

7. Silver Linings Playbook – $6.1 mil

8. Warm Bodies – $4.7 mil

9. Side Effects – $3.5 mil

10. Beautiful Creatures – $3.4 mil

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