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Is America ready for a Latina to be a co-host of ABC’s The View?

As ‘The View’ gets ready to say goodbye to Barbara Walters, ABC network executives and producers are having closed door meetings on the future of the much imitated iconic show.

One of the ideas being tossed around, again, is the inclusion of a Hispanic co-host. That idea is about to be re-tested when Univision’s Primer Impacto co-anchor, Pamela Silva Conde, gets a co-hosting seat next to the ladies of ‘The View’ this Tuesday at 11AM, eastern time.

Mrs. Conde’s selection shouldn’t surprise anyone. After having an African-American, an Asian and even a gay woman as hosts, it is about time ‘The View’ welcomed a Latina to the table. Actually, they should have done this years ago when the Hispanic population numbers were first exploding and Myrka Dellanos was welcomed to join as fill-in.

Yes, the same Myrka Dellanos, former co-host of Primer Impacto.

Back in 2007, Dellanos filled in for former host Meredith Viera to much acclaim. She was beautiful, quick-minded, opinionated, and professional. She connected very well with audiences and seemed to have gotten along very well with the rest of the ladies. Why they didn’t bring her back is inexplicable. I thought it was a no brainer. Perhaps general market TV nor America was ready for what she represented – a real Latina from Spanish language TV on mainstream television. But America and the world seem ready for it now, heck, we have a Black President and an Argentinian Pope, the two most powerful people on Earth are multicultural! A Latina as a co-host of ‘The View’ would be shocking? Puh-lease.

Word of the story began on Twitter today discreetly:

Mrs. Conde has all the elements that Ms. Dellanos has, plus a key factor – timing. ‘Fusion,’ ABC’s new cable network partnership with Univision, thrusted the conversation of cross promoting Hispanic talent to ABC and other cable networks almost immediately.

Hopefully tomorrow Hispanics will once again make history and continue to push the media landscape towards a more diverse panorama. We’ll be watching.

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