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James Rebhorn: His Five Most “Suited” Characters

James Rebhorn was an actor that that you may not recognize by name, but once you see his face you’d most likely say: “Oh, that guy.” Although this tall and lanky actor frequently played characters in suits, he was rather versatile moving back and forth between theater, television and film seamlessly, gaining more than 100 credits in film and TV alone. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rebhorn recently passed away fighting a longtime disease. He was 65.

“He died from melanoma, which had been diagnosed in 1992,” Dianne Busch, his agent, told the publication. “He died Friday afternoon at his home in New Jersey, where he had been receiving hospice care for a week and a half.

In honor of his extensive career here are five of his most “suited” film and television roles:

5. My Cousin Vinny (George Wilbur)

In this 1992 comedy, Rebhorn played George Wilbur, FBI analyst and surprise witness on a case against Billy Gambini and Stan Rothenstein who were represented by Vincent LaGuardia Gambini, Stan’s cousin and an inexperienced lawyer. Wilburn testifies that the tire marks left at the crime scene, match the tires on Gambini’s car.

4. White Collar (Reese Hughes)

From 2009 until 2013, the actor had a reoccurring role as Special Agent Reese Hughes on “White Collar,” the USA Network hit TV series. As the man in charge he oversees the FBI’s white-collar crime unit, and is a guy who likes to play by the rules and will almost always stand behind his agents Peter and Neal.

3. Scent of a Woman (Mr. Trask)

In this 1992 film, Rebhorn plays the role of Mr. Trask, headmaster of a prep school. Trask sucks up to the board of trustees who reward him with a Jaguar, which a couple of students ruin during a prank. In order to get information on the culprits he tries to bribe Charlie, a low-income student who is on a scholarship at the school, with a recommendation that would guarantee his acceptance into Harvard, but when Charlie won’t budge Trask reacts with a threat.

2. Independence Day (Albert Nimzicki)

In this 1996 film Rebhorn plays Albert Nimzicki, the U.S. Secretary of Defense and former director of the C.I.A. During the film he is known for withholding crucial information and ill advising the President.

1. Homeland (Frank Mathison)

From 2011 till 2013, Rebhorn played the reoccurring role of Frank Mathison, father of C.I.A officer Claire Danes. Both him and his daughter suffer from bipolar disorder in the series, but he has learned to manage it through medication and therapy.

What other “suited” roles do you remember Rebhorn in? Let us know in the comments below.

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