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Katy Perry Burns Her Hair In The Name Of Her New Single ‘Roar’

We have major update from our favorite California girl! Katy Perry has announced the name of her upcoming album’s new single in an unusual video teaser.

This morning the singer tweeted it to her fans:

After watching the clip it seems like the candy girl is leaving the cutesy bubblegum image behind and will be exploring a wilder side of things, starting with the ferocious name of her new single, “Roar.”

The song, coming out on Aug. 12, will be part of the singer’s new album “Prism” which is coming this October 2013. We know this thanks to a huge golden truck that has been traveling the U.S. with “Katy Perry ● Prism ● 10/22/13” inscripted on its side.

The video, named “Burning Baby Blue” starts in a dark room with Perry firing up a lighter and then holding it under her signature blue wig, which she rocked during her “California Girls” video and the 2010 MTV Movie awards.

Check it out here:

For Perry this album has been under construction in her mind for a while. “I know exactly the record I want to make next. I know the artwork, the coloring and the tone … I even know what type of tour I’m doing next. I’ll be very pleased if the vision I have in my head becomes a reality,” she told Billboard back in 2012.

For “Prism” the artist certifies that she wants to go in a different direction than with her sophomore album, stating that she is not looking to make a “Teenage Dream 2.0.” and that instead the record would contain darker elements, which would explain why she is dressed in a Goth-like manner in her teaser video sporting: a black pleated-leather mini skirt, a mid-bearing ripped up black and grey stripped sweater, black and gold chocker, pale face and black cherry lip.

Back in June, she also revealed the name of what she called her favorite single which she titled “Bad Photographs.” “I titled it [that] because the idea is that when people are in a relationship they only take photographs when they are happy, and sometimes when it ends you realize maybe it would be important to take photographs when it’s not happy,” she told Ryan Seacrest.

The songstress, who matched Michael Jackson’s record of most No.1 singles from the same album on the Hot 100, confessed to Vogue that she fears her new album won’t match her previous success. “When I am in between records, sometimes I doubt myself. I’ll be like, ‘Did I just get lucky, or did I mass-manipulate the world into thinking that seven songs were worth a number-one position?’” she told the publication.

I think she has absolutely nothing to worry because she is one of the most creative artists in pop right now and people have really connected with her sound and upbeat aura. If we have learned anything from Madona, David Bowie and Michael Jackson himself is that artists should constantly reinvent themselves in order to keep fans on their toes. So there is no doubt that Katy is on the path success, yet again.

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