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Listen to Justin Bieber sing his unreleased song ‘Heartbreaker’ on Instagram!

Last night Bieber tantalized his fans before bed with a couple of lines from his unreleased single “Heartbreaker” which he sang a cappella on an Instagram video.

At 12:18 a.m. this morning, the Canadian singer tweeted this message in order to promote his clip.

Justin Bieber Tweet

In the short video the star sings: “Ooh girl I have a secret place where we can go. ‘Cause girl I really want to be alone. And baby nobody else got to know…

Since its, release the clip has received over 564,000 likes. Not bad for some self-advertising, wouldn’t you say?

So far the media has been busy speculating if “Heartbreaker” was made for Selena, but do we have to care? No! If the full song is as hot as the mini insta-video, then I think the undefined relationship between the two singers can surely take the back burner.

This past Monday, a new add was released for Bieber’s new fragrance, “The Key.” The track of the promo was also a tease sound clip of “Heartbreaker” which is set off by an extremely sexy and sultry RnB track.

The add and the song were great, but I think they forgot to specify whether the fragrance was for men or women, leaving Beliebers everywhere wondering if they can buy it for themselves, their boyfriends or  share it. Regardless, fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the single but on his Twitter account, the singer promised that that it would come “soon….very soon.”

Till then, according to MTV news, the singer’s manager, Scooter Braun, promises an astonishing release. “…people and fans should be very excited for the end of this year because he’s just written so many songs on the road,” he told MTV.  “And we decided there needs to be a way to release these songs in a different way than the normal album and be able to allow him to express himself in music while dealing with so many different bullshit stories every single day.”

In the past several months, the 19-year-old has become the headline of many stories dealing with his personal life, from Selena to his disruptive conduct, instead of his music. Hopefully “very soon” actually comes very soon because it would be a relieve for all of his fans that haven’t slept in fear he will put out the song while they rest, and because I know you are looking forward to this very “unique” way the single will be released. Plus, as annoying as it might be, secretly we all want to know if “Heartbreaker” is actually about Selena Gomez.

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