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Our Q&A With Bruno Bichir On Hispanic Animated Movie ‘Un Gallo Con Muchos Huevos’

With the wave of new films being released this week in the movie industry it is clear to notice a single international film that has been catching the attention of the public. I am referring to the Mexican animated children’s film Un Gallo Con Muchos Huevos. Because this film is creating such a buzz in the Latino market, what better way to find out about this film than by interviewing the man behind the voice of the main character, Bruno Bichir, who plays Toto the rooster. Our Q&A below… (SBC): Bruno, thank you for taking the time to interview with us. You play the voice of Toto in the film. What was it about the character that convinced you on being part of this project?

Bruno Bichir (BB): First of all thank you for having me. Well, the reason why I took this wonderful project was because the director Gabriel Riva Palacio and I have worked together before and we have a wonderful relationship. He has allowed me to not only be the voice of Toto, but to really put my input into the character overall, so when you watch the film you are not only watching this rooster that has my voice, you are practically seeing me or my essence in the character. Toto’s mannerisms and even way of walking in the film really all comes from me. So it was very easy for me to accept this wonderful project that I am so very proud of.

(SBC): In the United States, you are an actor that is known more for your dramas. You were in “The Bridge” as well as in the recent Netflix series “Narcos” that is already a huge hit in the online network in the American audience. What do you think it the people’s response will be to your comedic talent, especially in a children’s film? 

(BB): Well, I am an actor that started off in comedy. It is definitely what I am mostly known for in Mexico. I continue to do it in theater and television as much as possible. So, for the American audience I see this as a re-introduction of myself, where I portray what is most natural for me to do, which is comedy. I think that I can’t have a better introduction than with a film like this one, that is so wonderful and for the entire family.

(SBC): This is one of the few Latin-American animated films that is being released in the United States. While promoting it, what has been the response of the American audience? 

(BB): The response has been so incredible. The film is already a total success in Mexico and so we thought that it would do great in the United States. But we never thought it would be in this scale. It is amazing to see the people, of different backgrounds being so accepting of this movie. It is something that is humbling and that I am truly proud of. Most importantly because the film is all in Spanish with English subtitles, it is not dubbed into English at all because the film would have lost the essence that it has.

Yet people love it, even if they don’t speak a word of Spanish, families are truly enjoying the movie. This is something that really warms my heart and that I dedicate to the Latin Americans. Because this is a movie that is truly ours, it is part of our wonderful culture, no matter what country you are from, and it is amazing to share parts of our culture with the rest of the world.

(SBC): I have an understanding that in Mexico, this film is part of a saga. Is there anything that we are missing out on that might be connected to the first two previous films?

(BB): That is true, this is the third film that we are doing with the premise. But this one is different. The storyline is different and some of the characters are different as well. So in terms of ‘Missing out’ on anything I would say no. The film has a bit of a different story line; it does follow certain things that are connected to the first two films. But nothing major that would make it incomprehensible to watch without the first two.

(SBC): What else can we expect from Bruno Bichir in the future?

(BB): I am actually working on a couple of different projects here in Mexico and a few in the States. I cannot talk much about them, but you will definitely be seeing me around in America.

(SBC): Thank you so much for your time Bruno. Wish you all the success in the world and we are hoping to see you back with another hit soon.

(BB): Thank you, I love this film and I love talking about it. I hope it is as big of a success in America as it is in Mexico. I encourage everyone to watch it with their entire family, it is something I am very proud of and I hope all the kids and families in America enjoy “Un Gallo con Muchos Huevos.”

Un Gallo Con Muchos Huevos releases today Friday, September 4, 2015.

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