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Here's a look at all the new movies releasing this week in theaters along with their trailers!…

‘Paranormal Activity 4’ spooks at the box office

'Paranormal Activity 4' spooks at the box office

Paranormal Activity 4’ premiered at number one with $30.2 million dollars, which for a film that only cost $5 million dollars to create is a high profit. Despite of the figure it is the film in the whole franchise to earn the least, either way Paramount has announced we will have a ‘Paranormal Activity 5’ around this same time next year.

Ben Affleck’s ‘Argo’ held on tight to the second spot with $16.6 million dollars, certainly the buzz its earned has helped it remain here. The film is close to reaching its budget cost, so this sophomore project needs that extra international box office boost.

Surprisingly ‘Hotel Transylvania’ was bumped up one spot to number three earning $13.5 million dollars. Perhaps since we are approaching the end of the month, many decided to be a part of this Halloween party.

The Top 10 in the Box Office are:

1. Paranormal Activity 4 – $30.2 mil

2. Argo – $16.6 mil

3. Hotel Transylvania – $13.5 mil

4. Taken 2 – $13.4 mil

5. Alex Cross – $11.7 mil

6. Sinister – $9 mil

7. Here Comes the Boom – $8.5 mil

8. Pitch Perfect – $7 mil

9. Frankenweenie – $4.4 mil

10. Looper – $4.2 mil

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