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4 questions with ‘The X Factor’s’ Paulina Rubio

America, get ready to have your Wednesday and Thursday nights rocked by one of Mexico’s hottest artists — they surely don’t call her “La Chica Dorada” (The Golden Girl) for no reason. Tonight at 8 p.m., singer Paulina Rubio makes her English-speaking-television debut as a judge on the third season of “The X Factor” where she will join Kelly Rowland, Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell. 

The 42-year-old star has previous judging experience in Spanish television with “La Voz México” in 2012 and “La Voz Kids” this year, not to mention that she has been part of the music business for 35 years. Yesterday, during a phone conference she told reporters that she has a lot of experience to share with her team because she received her first recording deal at 7 and joined the hit teen band Timbiriche at 10. The singer also added that America should get ready for her because she is outspoken, not intimidated by anything, and is very loyal to her feelings and who she is.

Today, I had a chance to speak to the singer who told me how she feels about Latinos entering English-speaking market, and her new music.

ShowBizCafe: You are joining this amazing group of Latina judges – Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera – who are judging an American English speaking competition. Do you think this trend mirrors a change in Latinos starting to become an integrated part of American culture?

Paulina Rubio: Absolutely, I truly believe that. Now is the moment and I am so excited!

SBC: How do you think English speaking American audiences will react to you, this Latin artist that has an accent when speaking English?

PR: I don’t know, but this is part of who I am and how America is building up. I am excited, I think [the audience] will be surprised about how we blend between Kelly and Demi and our interaction with Simon, it’s going to be hilarious.

SBC: Pau, why do you think the trend of Latin judges has only been extended to women and do you think in the future we will be able to see some Latino male artists as judges on an American show?

PR: I bet, I mean I think that girls are better than boys all the time! We share, we care, we’re fun and we’re different. I hope that they will invite more of our friends. Right now I think that we are leading the fashion and beyond that America is growing and because of that Latinos and more different people have been added to these projects.

SBC:You told us previously that you are  currently recording new Spanish and English music. What will your English songs sound like for your next album and can you give us a sneak peek of some song titles?

PR: I’ve been composing and writing upbeat techno, dance, pop music so it will sound a little like Paulina “Boys Will Be Boys” meeting Paulina 2014! And no [sneak peeks], but if you are following me on twitter, you will receive news really really soon in a few weeks.

Stay tuned for a review of “The X Factor” and let us if you think this golden girl will be a major #hit or #fail in the homes of English-speaking Americans in the comments below!

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