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Saint John of Las Vegas

Rating: 1.5

Rated: R for language and some nudity.
Release Date: 2010-01-29
Starring: Hue Rhodes
Film Genre:
Official Website: No disponible

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There are some films that you love instantly, and others that you hate; this film does not fit either category. Saint John of Las Vegas is distinctly unmemorable.

John, played by Steve Buscemi, is a “recovering” gambling addict, whose journey starts and ends in Las Vegas. The film follows John from his unexciting job in insurance, back to Vegas. Along the way we meet the typical boss, Mr. Townsend, and some particularly peculiar characters that drive along the fraud investigation of a car “accident.”

I really cannot find anything to say about this film, neither good nor bad; and unfortunately that in itself is bad. Everything about the film is mediocre. Steve Buscemi does a convincing enough job playing John, however it is nothing we haven’t seen before. The story is too reminiscent of every other film of its genre and the characters albeit quirky aren’t altogether new either.

The hundreds gambled at a gas station that form the crux, and narrate the larger story, are perhaps the best moments of the film. Luckily they are spread out intermittently to form a strong writing arc and keep the story moving. Unfortunately though it makes the feature film feel like an addition to a better short.

This character based film lacks character. First time writer/director Hue Rhodes’ attempt at creating another independent comedy of manners is grossly unoriginal. Saint John of Las Vegas is a film that can be missed for better films of the same genre.

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