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“Scarface” Remake: 3 Perfect Latino Actors Who Could Play The Tony Montana Role

Word of the new “Scarface” remake directed by Chilean born Pablo Larrain has set all the talent agencies amuck trying to find the new Tony Montana. We here at have decided to make their job a little easier. We’ve chosen three guys that should have no problems in nailing down the role. 

But before we begin, it’s worth knowing that the Chilean director plans to take the story to modern day Los Angeles where Tony is a Mexican immigrant who rises in the underground criminal world to achieve the American dream.

Besides the change of location and nationality, the director also wants to get a Latino actor to play the lead role this time around — unlike the 1983 classic where the Cuban drug lord was played by the Italian American Al Pacino.

Here are my three picks:

3. Edgar Ramirez (Venezuelan)

This 37-year-old actor was born in San Cristobal, Venezuela, and is fluent in Spanish and English, as well as French, German and Italian. The actor has worked his way up from Spanish Soap Operas, to Latin Indie films, to small roles in major films, to now lead actor of a major Hollywood film. In the upcoming biopic “Hands of Stone” Ramirez will be playing the lead role of he legendary Panamanian boxer Roberto ‘Manos de Piedra’ Duran alongside the great Robert De Niro who will play the famed trainer Ray Arcel.

During his extensive career the actor has played bounty hunter, Colombian solider, Venezuelan writer, a Special Forces soldier who kidnaps the president and Simon Bolivar and many more charters, a testament to the fact that Ramirez will mold into any role as long as it’s interesting.

2. Jeremy Ray Valdez (Spanish/Native American)

Jeremy Valdez
This 33-year-old actor was born in Santa Fe, N.M. and went to school in Arizona.  He started out his career doing commercials and to having reoccurring roles in hit TV show like ER, Veronica Mars, Medical Investigation, American Family as well as guest starring roles in other series. He’s also had experience doing film, most notably as Jes Rivera in “La Mission.”

In 2013 he produced and starred in Dreamer, a film that showcases the struggles of undocumented immigrants in the U.S. In the film he play Joe Rodriguez, an undocumented young man who is raised by a white family after his mother goes back to Mexico. The actor is a great choice for the role not only because of his gritty look, but because he’s already put himself in the shoes of an immigrant which is the basis of the “Scarface” story.

1. Oscar Isaac (Guatemalan)

This 35-year-old actor was born in Guatemala and raised in Miami and graduated from Julliard in NYC.  Like Ramirez, Isaac has also been climbing his way up through the ranks recently and after his performance on “Inside Llewyn Davis” he received the lead in the upcoming Hollywood crime thriller “A Most Violent Year” alongside Jessica Chastain. I called it a year ago, that the actor would be hot commodity in Hollywood, not only for his looks, singing skills, but also because of his talent.

The lead of the new “Scarface” would only help to solidify him as part of the small Latino circle in Hollywood. He’s my number one choice because compared to Ramirez he has a deeper understanding of Latino/American biculturalism since he was raised in the U.S., and compared to Valdez he has a bigger acting range due to the variety of characters he’s played throughout his career.

What did you think of our three? Are there any other actors that you think should be added to the list? Share your thoughts on the comments below. 

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