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Seeking Justice

Seeking Justice

Seeking Justice’ is a mix of action and suspense, which although it entertains it seems to need some extra editing. The actions scenes need to be polished because at times it seems as if we were watching a practice scene not the real thing, I kept on waiting for one of the actors to turn around and look at the camera laughing. The story is interesting and convincing up to a certain point, it is missing some flavor so that it is more exciting though.


Will Gerard (Nicolas Cage) finds himself in a bind when someone attacks his wife, Laura (January Jones). Just at the moment when Will is most desperate, a man named Simon (Guy Pearce) tells him he’s part of a vigilante group which is made up of everyday citizens and they help one another, he offers to help him and his wife find some peace. In his moment of need Will accepts and just when everything seems to start becoming normal in their lives again Simon appears, to remind Will that he needs to repay the favor.


I think Cage tries too hard to play the role of a normal person, even in his way of speaking his character has no sense of urgency, his voice and even his actions although they are justifiably nervous they are monotonous. Pearce plays his character well; he’s just the right amount of harsh and controlling with a hint of bad guy without being exaggerated. Some parts of the dialogue have humor in them, which surprised me. Also, there are some unexpected twists, which definitely don’t let you, loose interest in the film. 


I see this movie as to what would happen to a normal person if the found themselves in this situation, not how a Hollywood movie would play it out. Obviously there are some intricate scenes, but in the hand combat scenes there’s not the normal sophistication movies have. I like the concept of the story because it’s interesting, I also like the way it develops; but I think a little more glamour would be appropriate in order for it to have a spot at the box office.

Rated: Rated R for violence, language and brief sexuality
Release Date: 2012-03-16
Screenplay: Todd Hickey, Robert Tannen
Official Website:

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