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Watch: Selena Gomez’s new music video ‘Slow Down’ leaked!

According to E Online, Selena Gomez’s new music video for her new single Slow Down was leaked on YouTube today and then quickly taken down. Perez Hilton had a chance to record it and we have it right here for you to indulge in!

About the video, let’s just say that there is nothing young and innocent about it. If after her debut on the jaw dropping film Spring Breakers it wasn’t clear enough that she was shedding her Disney princess past, then this video will reassure it. She is risqué, high fashion and working it as she takes over the night in Paris.

Cruising in the back seat of a chauffeured black car, the 20-year-old rocks a green sequined top with matching chandelier earrings, bringing all together with a high bun, pop of red lipstick and sultry cat eyes. The video then takes us to a neon-lit club where amidst a hyped crowd she wears her hair pulled back, and a black ensemble of a cropped top and baggy pants. Finally, we see the young star working her most dress-to-kill look, with her hair down, a closed blazer that hits her below the waist line and knee-high boots, down an isolated Parisian street.

Slow Down is the promotional single for Gomez’s solo debut studio album, “Stars Dance,” which will be officially released in the U.S. July 23, although like with her video, her album has suffered the same fate and is already all over the net, but we will let you do that research.

I have to say that the dance-pop and dubstep influenced song has a catchy beat and although it definitely won’t be the hit of the summer, I certainly wouldn’t be annoyed if I heard it at a club or the on radio. The video certainly drives the message that Selena is all grown up and exploring her sexuality, BUT I did expect a better dance number — someone please tell the chorographer that a couple of shoulder bounces, body waves and body rubs just doesn’t count!

Although I didn’t learn any new moves to try out at my next party, I did like the video overall simply because you could see how much Selena enjoyed herself. There were various instances throughout the clip where the singer would flash a genuine smile and that surely did it for me.

From press to fans we are all excited to see her continue to grow and blossom and there is no doubt that her career is not going to Slow Down anytime soon.

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