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Spanish film, [REC 2], has new trailer!

Spanish film, [REC 2], has new trailer!

[.REC] was an entertainingly supernasty Spanish zombie-rabies flick, about a group of firemen and residents (and a TV crew) quarantined in a block of flats. The American remake, Quarantine, was the same, but a bit slower.

And here’s [.REC] 2, once again directed by Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza. Picking up a few hours after the end of the original, there’s nothing in this trailer that looks terribly different to what we’ve seen before. We’ve got the military rather than the fire department, but other than that…

However, [SPOILER if you haven’t seen the first film] there is scope for exploring that attic, and the frankly mental Catholic Vatican Possession Virus plot thread that was rather altered for the Americanisation. Horror is often best unexplained, but if we’re going back to those flats, we hope we get upstairs sooner rather than later.

The trailer’s tagline is “se acabo la comedia”. Nice!

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