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The Radio DVD Review: ‘Evil Dead,’ ‘Erased,’ ‘Bullet to the Head’

As part of the universe, I partner and contribute with various high profile platforms in the English language and Latino market to talk movies. One of them is the Enrique Santos Morning Radio Show, where every Tuesday I rap in Spanglish about my personal picks of what DVD/Bluray reviews you should be watching over the weekend. Why Tuesday? That’s when the home videos are released. 

So today Tuesday, July 16th, I was on Enrique’s show and reviewed this week’s new DVD/Blurays releases: Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead, Aaron Eckhart’s Erased, and Stallone’s Bullet to the HeadWhich one should you go see? Kick back, bust a cold one open and join in on the fun and listen to my radio movie reviews right now.

You can also hear my theatrical movie reviews on the ‘Enrique Santos Morning Show’ every Friday at 7:40 AM and 9:40 AM on Univision Radio ‘Mix98.3FM’ in Miami or on the Univision Radio App.

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