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Underworld: Rise of the Lycans


Rated: R for bloody violence and some sexuality.
Release Date: 2009-01-23
Starring: Danny McBride, Dirk Blackman
Film Genre:
Country: USA
Official Website:

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Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

Ohh Yeahh….I have been waiting for this one…UNDERWORLD: RISE OF THE LYCANS…it’s actually the prequel to the other two films, Underworld (2003) and Underworld: Evolution (2006). If you are like a few of my friends…living under a few rocks…and haven’t seen the others….then your just fine…start here and rent the others!! (lol)
The movie’s about the century-old feud between the vampires and werewolves. One day the king vampire (Viktor) finds out that one of his werewolves (slaves) gives birth to a baby…but this baby is ½ werewolf and ½ human. Instead of killing it – he decides to make it his “SUPER” slave and uses him for whatever. Well…you can say that some serious drama goes down and Lucian (super baby lol) decides to rebel and rise up against the vampires. (It’s dope how it goes down!)
This movie is hella dope – if you liked the other 2 movies – you’ll love this one!! If you haven’t SEEN the others…you’ll love this one! (lol) Where Rise of the Lycans ends…Underworld starts.

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