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What I’m Seeing And Reading This Week… Part 1

One of my favorite endeavors is to be well-informed and well read on almost every subject matter ranging from politics to pop culture. I like to share what I’m reading, seeing and listening to, but also intrigued to hear what other people’s current obsessions are as well. So moving forward, we’ll begin the first installment of a new weekly feature article titled – “What I’m Obsessing On This Week”. Read on and let me know what you’re obsessing about this week.

What I’m reading…


Since I began sharing my thoughts on politics about two weeks ago (thank you Mr. Trump) on my Highly Relevant podcast, I’ve been devouring large amounts of literature on social, cultural and economic history to understand why and how Trump won. It is no question that the capitalistic structure of our nation allows for the rich to create laws that favor them thus creating a corrupt machinery that eventually maltreats us the working-class. There is no other book in the modern era that deconstructs the gap between the rich and the poor better than French economist Thomas Piketty’s “Capital in the 21st Century“. The distinguished NYTimes columnist Paul Krugman talks about this same book in this video about the 1%. The history of wealth inequality is magically captured in a way that anyone can understand how America and the world ultimately works.

What I’m listening to…

Every weekend I get lost at Upstate New York and take some time to catch up on my Spanish language music on Spotify. One of my rewards this week was discovering Mexican singer-songwriter Jósean Log, who uses a ukelele to deliver easy breezy songs with lyrical feeling. You can envision yourself on a sailboat headed to the Caribbean with his music. Listen to “Beso” and “La Luna” and you’ll be listening to the whole album in a blink. It’s the perfect music for the unwinding weekend.

What I’m watching in film…

So I think by now, most of you have an idea that governments aren’t always advocating on our behalf. They can be selfish. The documentary “All Governments Lie” gives us an overview of how they operate and why they lie.

What I’m watching on TV…


Instead of watching another Knicks game in a losing cost, I decided to continue to enrich my mind. This little TV series is a fun history lesson from the BBC called “Bright Lights, Brilliant Minds: A Tale of Three Cities”. It has a guy by the name of Dr. James Fox who tells the story of three cities in three exceptional years – cities whose artists and thinkers, writers and musicians set the world on a new course. I love this stuff. Can’t get enough of it.

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